Aviya Technologies Inc announced today that the organization has been selected to perform validation of the engine controller for a European based helicopter program.

Utilizing Aviya’s Closed Loop Bench (CLB) technology, a platform was developed that implements all the necessary aircraft systems that the engine and engine controller interface to. The demanding project not only required simulating signals with accuracies to the nanosecond level, but also developing a platform that simulates the helicopters dual engine configuration. Aviya’s scalable high-fidelity CLB platform stood out amongst many competitors as the solution of choice for this complicated project.

Aviya’s proprietary Closed Loop Bench (CLB) test environment provides a high fidelity representation of an aircraft’s various systems, functionally & electrically, in order to provide a real-World, real-time platform for testing and development of embedded systems. The CLB’s powerful software environment provides extensive test scenario development and execution capabilities.

For this particular program, a real-time simulation model of the engine is integrated with the CLB which together provide an immersive environment for development, testing, and certification of engine control software in a Full Authority Digital Engine Controller (FADEC). The FADEC is considered a safety critical component of the aircraft and requires rigorous development and testing in order to be certified for flight.

Along with its CLB capabilities, Aviya’s in house certification expertise will be utilized to develop the validation process, procedures, and test results used in certification of the FADEC software to DO-178B Level A, safety critical.