Our Technology


Aviya’s Closed Loop Bench (CLB) is a robust, customizable and cost-effective testing platform ideal for aerospace systems development. The CLB provides you with a high-fidelity simulation of your aircraft’s various systems, and offers extensive options for test scenario development and execution.


Using the Closed Loop Bench’s PC-based real-time simulator, you can model complex controller and aircraft systems using MATLAB/Simulink and Aviya’s proprietary model library. Models can be quickly and easily converted to C code and executed in real time—even on FPGAs at Ultra-Fast time-steps below 10ns.

The CLB’s automated scripting capabilities reduce the risk of human error during testing. Test scripts are CM controlled – DO-178B/C and can ensure 100% repeatability. You can easily modify the CLB’s scripts when your requirements change, allowing test cases to be re-executed within hours, as opposed to weeks.

The CLB’s high-precision simulation saves you both time and money in the design process, dramatically reducing the need to build costly physical prototypes for testing purposes. You can also use the CLB in an open-loop configuration for factory and R&O testing of controllers.


Aviya’s constant drive to innovate has brought the next level of modelling and simulation to market: introducing the vCLB.

This purely PC-based platform brings real-time, high-precision simulation of the system environment completely into the software realm. Standard aerospace interfaces such as ARINC429, CANBus and AFDX­—along with valves, sensors and all LRUs—are modelled with a high level of fidelity.

The vCLB shares the same user interface as our CLB, affording our customers the ability to develop and test control and BIT-embedded software, algorithms and interfaces in one seamless environment long before actual controller hardware is available.

Aviya’s vCLB comes standard with our powerful scripting engine that is 100% compatible with our CLB platform, allowing early-stage testing development on the vCLB to migrate seamlessly to the certification stage on our powerful hardware-based CLB platform.

Being PC-based, a single vCLB platform can be quickly scaled to provide your development and test teams with a pool of test resources, virtually eliminating the common bottle-neck of limited test hardware.

Single user interface integration into autocode generation products such as MATLAB and SCADE ensures a familiar interface to get systems and test engineers up and running quickly on the vCLB.

Develop. Generate. Debug. Simulate. Test. All in one environment.