We specialize in the design and testing of mission-critical control systems for aerospace and defence applications. Our expertise and experience ensure that all customer application behaviours are captured, analyzed and simulated through modelling (Simulink, Matlab, SCADE) for an optimum solution.


Our senior staff engineers are at your disposal to assist in developing concise, accurate, testable and implementable requirements for the definition of your system’s performance. Our knowledge base covers control performance, built-in test and reconfiguration. Aviya’s well-defined systems engineering process is designed to leverage the use of time-saving tools such as DOORS by IBM, Matlab by Mathworks, and SCADE by Esterel Technologies.

Aviya’s system engineering experts have experience covering many aircraft systems including engines, APUs, wheels and brakes, electric power and air management systems. Our proprietary library of simulated aircraft components, combined with our expertise in real-time simulation, delivers a high-fidelity platform for rapid system development and testing long before any flight testing.

We efficiently develop rapid prototype platforms utilizing proprietary and adapted commercial off-the-shelf solutions with reconfigurable hardware and software components for design trade-offs, risk reduction, development and certification testing. Whether you are in need of a subject matter expert or complete system development support, Aviya is your answer.


Our Masters and PhD level mechanical engineering team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle even the most complex mechanical designs. Using the latest tools, we provide multi-faceted analytics, modelling and test services.

We maintain a staff skillset adept in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermodynamics, acoustics and gas turbines. From engines to structures, meshing to flow solvers, we provide long-term outsourcing and onsite project support, as well as short-term task support.


With a capable team of software engineers and a key focus on embedded applications, we have the know-how to implement software level requirements in C, C++ and Ada.

Our expertise in DO-178B/C, SEI CMM capabilities, and AS9100C enables us to design high-quality software that results in low maintainability and ease of verification. Aviya’s design process supports many design methodologies, including UML. We leverage the use of many development tools, including DOORS and Rhapsody by IBM.

Our verification and validation team has extensive experience in all levels of requirements-based testing and specializes in the verification and validation of products that are classified safety-critical (DO-178B Level A). We provide full coverage testing, from Unit Testing, to Software Integration Testing, to Hardware/Software Integration Testing including development of all plans, procedures and reports.

Utilizing testing tools such as Rational Test Real Time or VectorCAST through our proud partnership with Vector Software, we ensure timely and cost-effective V&V support for every customer. Vector Software’s powerful suite of testing tools provides a one-source solution for requirements-based testing and coverage analysis.

Aviya’s RT-Linux based development and test platforms simplify and automate the software-on-target V&V process. Our test platforms are scalable to support open-loop as well as closed-loop testing, with a flexible I/O interface that is reconfigurable for multi-target and multi-project testing.

Our beginning-to-end process experience includes interaction with, and reporting to, certification authorities such as Transport Canada (TC), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Our relationships with the industry’s leading DERs ensure professional oversight of all engineering activities.


Today’s electronic aerospace applications must meet rigorous safety standards and performance requirements. Only the most capable engineers are capable of developing the analog and digital hardware for these systems.

Aviya’s seasoned team of experts specializes in high-power, high-density analog electronics, as well as digital electronics with an emphasis on FPGA and ASIC design. You can rely on our proficiency in design for harsh environments and know that the hardware we deliver will perform predictably in all conditions.

Aviya has the breadth of experience to handle almost any application: electrical power generation and distribution, engine controllers, landing gear, wheels and brakes, vapour cycle and pneumatic system controllers, cabin pressure and fan motor controllers—to name a few.