Aviya Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its next generation simulation environment, the Virtual Closed Loop Bench (vCLB).

This purely PC-based platform brings real-time, high-precision simulation of the system environment completely into the software realm. Standard aerospace interfaces such as ARINC429, CANBus and AFDX­—along with valves, sensors and all LRUs—are modelled with a high level of fidelity.

The vCLB shares the same user interface as our CLB, affording our customers the ability to develop and test control and BIT-embedded software, algorithms and interfaces in one seamless environment long before actual controller hardware is available.

Aviya’s vCLB comes standard with our powerful scripting engine that is 100% compatible with our CLB platform, allowing early-stage testing development on the vCLB to migrate seamlessly to the certification stage on our powerful hardware-based CLB platform.

“Our CLB platform has been traditionally used in the later stages of system development once controller hardware was available.” stated Billings Chan, Chief Technology Officer for Aviya Technologies Inc. “With the vCLB, we’ve now expanded the area of coverage by providing an environment that supports system testing in the early stages of development, before actual hardware is available.”

“Aviya’s CLB now married with the vCLB, provide a seamless environment to support system development, simulation, debugging, and certification, while reducing the cost and risk associated with complex system development.”