Aviya Technologies Inc. today announced that its proprietary Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) simulator, used for internal programs, is now available as a standalone product.

A critical component in providing a high-fidelity testing and development environment for aircraft systems such as engines, Aviya’s PMA simulator satisfies all electrical characteristics of a typical aircraft PMA.

With a wide sinusoidal frequency range, rugged construction, and capable of delivering hundreds of watts of power Aviya’s PMA simulator can easily be married with a PMA model through such tools as MATLAB ensuring precise representation of the aircraft environment.

“Our PMA Simulator is a result of many years of R&D investment in developing the highest fidelity components that make up our testing platforms such as our Closed Loop Bench (CLB).” stated Billings Chan, Chief Technology Officer for Aviya Technologies Inc.

“Available as a standalone product now allows our customers to utilize the Aviya PMA simulator in other areas such as System Integration Labs (SIL) or Integration Test Facilities (ITF) to convey the same high-fidelity simulation capabilities of Aviya’s testing platforms.”