Flexible, easy to use, test environment provides high fidelity representation of aircraft systems; real-time simulation platform for testing and development of embedded systems; powerful software environment for extensive test scenario development and execution

MISSISSAUGA – December 5, 2012 – Aviya Technologies Inc. (www.aviyatech.com), a leading provider of aerospace systems development expertise to the world’s largest aerospace contractors, today unveiled the next generation of its Closed Loop Bench (CLB), Aviya’s advanced test platform technology. The Closed Loop Bench is a robust and customizable testing solution that supports developmental testing, including real-timed closed loop simulation, and certification testing to DO-178B & DO-254 Level A, all in one low-cost platform.

Aviya’s Closed Loop Bench provides a high fidelity representation of an aircraft’s various systems through real-time simulation and custom hardware, providing the user with a testing platform that is ideal for development of embedded systems. In addition, the CLB’s powerful software environment provides extensive test scenario development and execution capabilities.

The CLB also provides the flexibility needed to quickly and easily modify the platform for re-use as system configurations change. As a result, turnaround times for testing can be significantly reduced, lowering development costs.

Validation and Verification of embedded controllers can also be performed using the CLB, to confirm controller designs and ensure that they operate according to specifications. Customers can even use the Closed Loop Bench in an Open-Loop configuration for factory and R&O testing of controllers.

“Today’s modern aircraft incorporate increasingly complex safety-critical and mission-critical systems,” said John Koumoundouros, President of Aviya Technologies Inc. “Aerospace engineers can now use Aviya’s Closed Loop Bench from the early stages of the design process through to the certification stage, ensuring that these complex systems are designed on time and within budget, while meeting or exceeding stringent technical specifications.”

The Closed Loop Bench offers an array of features that enable real-world testing of aircraft systems without ever leaving the lab.

Real-Time Digital Simulation

The CLB incorporates a PC-based real-time simulator. Controller and aircraft system models developed using MATLAB/Simulink along with Aviya’s proprietary model library can be quickly and easily converted to C code for execution in real-time on the CLB platform. High precision real-time simulation reveals how complex embedded systems under test will behave under real-world conditions. Not only does this save valuable time in the design process, it also represents significant potential cost savings since it reduces the need to use physical prototypes for testing that can be costly to build.

Automated Scripting

Using the Closed Loop Bench’s automated scripting capabilities reduces the risk of human error during testing. CLB test scripts are CM controlled – DO-178B and can ensure 100% repeatability. CLB scripts can be easily modified when requirements change, allowing test cases to be re-executed within hours, as opposed to weeks. In addition, the Closed Loop Bench enables the engineer to interact with the simulation models and controllers at run-time, allowing test results to be monitored during execution.

Parameter Overrides

Aviya’s Closed Loop Bench also allows the engineer to override Aircraft/Airframe Model parameters, enabling the creation of fault conditions and flight scenarios.

The Aviya Closed Loop Bench is currently shipping. For more information and to view a Closed Loop Bench brochure, visit Aviya’s product page.